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Rua de Barreiros, 74,
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Braga, Portugal

Rua do Monte de S. Bento, lote 11 e 12,
4705-700 Fradelos,
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+351 253 257 148 (Seg-Sex: 9h00-19h00) (Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
Madform Sport formula - 500 ml
Madform Sport formula - 500 ml

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  • Brand: Madform
  • Model: MM-MFSP500

Madform sport formula ideal to be applied during sporting activity.

This muscle recuperator is applied after physical activity or when suffering from sprains, sprains or overloads. It helps to reduce muscle deterioration and the emergence of possible trauma, accelerating recovery to the ideal level.

Indicated in injury recovery and in muscle and joint problems.

Special formula for after sports practice, cases of fatigue and general pain conditions.

The cold sensation is caused when one of the chemicals present in Madform Sport Formula evaporates from the skin. The body reacts by reducing blood flow to the surface of the muscle. Meanwhile, another substance causes a heat effect within the muscle. The result is an increase in the flow of blood and oxygen within the muscle.

The entire product line is tested and has the AEMPS code (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products). Additionally, this product is one of the few on the market that does not produce scorching or irritation.

Reg. AEMPS No. 272-PH

Packaging: 500 ml





Therapeutic indication

MADFORM Sport Formula is a muscle recovery cream designed to help muscles after sports activity. It is an easy-to-apply hot-cold cream suitable for professional and amateur athletes.

Sport Formula is a muscle recovery cream specially indicated for after physical exercise.


How to apply Sport Muscle Recovery Formula?

For effective use, spread generously over the muscle area and massage until the cream is completely absorbed.


What are the benefits of this muscle recovery cream?

This cream is a quick and lasting solution for muscle recovery thanks to its hot-cold effect.

Feel a cooling that brings a feeling of well-being and rest to the muscles immediately.

So you can recover faster after your training and competitions.


Available in 120 ml and 500 ml tubes.

And if you are looking for an extra powerful version of this product, we recommend that you try MADFORM Double Power.









Additional information

Asian sportswoman take deep breath, rest from exercise in gym stadium

Muscle tear: injuries and treatments
It is unlikely that an athlete will not suffer, over the years, some type of muscle tear. Its treatment is based on cold, rest and rehabilitation. But it is possible to reduce the risk of injuries with preventive therapy, good warm-up routines, stretching and the help of specific sports creams.


What is a muscle tear
Basically, a tear is the tearing or breaking of muscle fibers. It usually occurs after a sudden contraction of the muscle and its symptoms usually consist of sharp pain and the appearance of a bruise when the blood vessels in the area also rupture. It is one of the most frequent injuries in the calves among runners, and can also occur in the soleus, hamstrings and adductors.

The severity of the tear is determined by the number of torn muscle fibers. Some practitioners include total fiber tears in the definition of muscle tears, while others limit the concept to partial tears. The most common, in any case, is a classification into three grades similar to the following:

Grade 1 would include those fibrillar microrrhagia that affect a minimal percentage of the muscle (less than 5%) and cause the appearance of a small hematoma.
Grade 2 would correspond to partial ruptures of some importance that exceed 5% and prevent the muscle from exercising its function from the moment they occur.
Grade 3 is a complete tear or belly muscle tear. It is the most severe case and recovery usually takes between two and three months, or a longer period if surgery is required.

What is the cause of a fiber breakage?

In large part, the origin of injury lies in avoidable mistakes with proper preventive practices and routines. These are the most common failures:

Insufficient heating, which causes the muscle to be poorly conditioned for exercise.
Poor physical condition caused by a sedentary lifestyle, which weakens muscle fibers and makes them more vulnerable.
Inadequate nutrition or hydration.
Overtraining, or an exaggerated demand on our ability, or aptitude.
Stretches performed incorrectly or when the muscle is not warm enough.
A wrong choice of footwear (especially important among runners).

In which parts of the body are tears more frequent?

Legs: Fibrillar rupture in the leg is common in runners and, when located in the calves, usually affects the soleus or calves. But the thigh is also not without risks and, in sports that require explosive runs and jumps, it is common to tear the quadriceps.

Back: The lumbar region is another critical point, something due to trauma or the excessive effort we sometimes make when lifting weights. The same cause is usually found after tears in the chest and arm muscles.

Shoulders: The rotator cuff is a group of muscles that work together to allow the shoulder to have good mobility and stability, and are highly requested both in throwing sports and in certain gymnastic exercises. The tear can be caused by 'stress' or some trauma that causes a violent stretching of its fibers.

Abdomen: Finally, and although it may not be the area most subject to injury, the abdominal region should not be forgotten. In sports such as tennis or paddle, the obliques and the rectum support a great workload, so it is not uncommon that without a good warm-up, muscle injuries to a greater or lesser degree end up.


How to prevent fibrillar ruptures

Preventive sports therapies must start from some essential aspects. Possible previous injuries should be taken into account to avoid relapses, review your eating, postural and rest habits and confirm with a professional if your physical routine is balanced.
It's essential that you maintain good warm-up discipline before your workout and take time to do gentle stretches after you're done. These are the two moments of greatest risk of injury, as the muscle is not yet conditioned in the first and may already be dehydrated in the second.
In both cases, a quality sports cream can help you: MADFORM Cremy Gel is indicated for heating due to its vasodilating effect, ideal for chronic injuries and preventing contractures. Meanwhile, MADFORM Sports Formula will help your muscles recover better and protect you from minor trauma. And another post-workout option is MADFREEZE, a quick-absorbing gel perfect for relieving tired or sore muscles.
All three products will also help you in treating sprains.

How to heal a muscle tear

The first advisable measure is the application of cold (with ice packs or gel) to reduce inflammation. A massage that favors drainage of the affected area will not hurt either. Of course, rest is essential in the first few days, when a compression bandage can also be beneficial.
For very serious injuries, treatment may include anti-inflammatories and pain relievers to relieve pain and inflammation.
After the acute phase and after five or six days, it is advisable to start with some gentle and controlled movements that help to reactivate the damaged fibers. Then, with all the prudence in the world, will come the stretching exercises to gradually regain flexibility and a gradual return to physical activity and sports.
Using our creams for muscle tears or injuries will also help with faster recovery. And if you're wondering precisely how long it takes to heal a muscle tear, the answer depends on how severe the injury is. Mild ones can heal in about ten days, and severe ones can take two or even three months.
Anyway, be patient and follow us on Instagram! In this way, you will have valuable professional advice to prevent injuries from preventing you from playing your sport.

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