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Masks FFP3 (RESPAIR P3V) - 1 Unit

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  Minimum purchase of 5 units.     Masks FFP3 (RESPAIR P3V)  - 1 Unit   Features: Lightweight - 4g. .. See More

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  Minimum purchase of 5 units.  


Masks FFP3 (RESPAIR P3V)  - 1 Unit



  • Lightweight - 4g.
  • Multi layered filter medium combining electrostatic charge.
  • Ergonomically shaped for comfort and ease of use.
  • Adjustable head straps to provide individual fit.
  • Adjustable nose clip to ensure good seal around nose.
  • Colour coded for ease of identification. Individually packed complete with instructions for use.
  • Conforms to the H.S.E. approved standard EN149 2001.
  • Non-allergenic.
  • EN149 FFP 3 provides a protection factor of 20 x A.P.F. (Assigned Protection Factor) and 50 x N.P.F. (Nominal Protection Factor).


Techincal Sheet



Meets the FFP3 requirements of EN149:2001+A1:2009. EC Certificate Number 505403, issued by BSi Product Certification. Product Certification, in accordance with the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC. PERFORMANCE Offers an assigned protection factor (APF) of 20 x Occupational Exposure Standard (OES) for fine toxic dusts, fibres, fumes and mists. MARKINGS EN149: 2001+A1:2009 FFP3 (NR)



Man made fibres. Polypropylene co-polymer exhalation valve with rubber diaphragm. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Mask must be fitted in accordance with the instructions supplied. Care must be taken to ensure that the correct mask type is selected for the work to be carried out. If in doubt as to the type of mask required seek professional advice.



Protection will only be offered if the mask is fitted correctly.

The mask must be discarded and replaced if it is

a). Removed whilst in the contaminated area,

b). Breathing difficulties due to clogging are experienced or,

c). The mask becomes damaged.

The mask, when in contact with the skin may cause allergic reactions to susceptible individuals. If this occurs leave the hazard area, remove mask and seek medical advice.



• Use in well ventilated areas only, which are not deficient in oxygen and do not contain explosive atmospheres.

• This mask is not designed to be worn by people with facial hair. CLEANING & MAINTENANCE Not applicable – disposable product. Store the masks out of direct sunlight away from chemicals and in a dry atmosphere.



1. Hold the mask firmly and place the bottom headband over the head to the nape of the neck.

2. Place the mask under the chin, then over the nose, putting the top head band over the crown of the head.

3. Ensure a good fit by pulling the elastic through the clips and adjust for comfort.

4. Ensure that the nose clip is moulded around the nose securely.


how to put on an FFP3 mask?



Check the fit of the mask by covering with both hands and exhale vigorously. Any leaks around the face seal must be eliminated before entering contaminated area.



1. Suitable for use against solid and liquid particulates including oil based mists.

2. This product does not protect against gases or where oxygen levels are below 17%.

3. Do not use when concentrations or contaminants are unknown or dangerous to life.

4. Leave the work area if distress or dizziness occurs.

5. Do not alter or modify the product in any way.

6. This product is intended only for single use and must not be used for more than 8 hours. Replace mask if contaminated or if breathing becomes difficult.

7. Facial hair may affect the efficiency of the product.

8. Do not use in an explosive area.

9. Ensure the product is suitable for the intended use.

10. Place/protect the product when not in use within its packaging.

11. Store within +5º C - +32º C. Store at <80% RH.

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