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Rua de Barreiros, 74,
4715-166 Nogueira,
Braga, Portugal

Rua do Monte de S. Bento, lote 11 e 12,
4705-700 Fradelos,
Braga, Portugal


+351 253 257 148 (Seg-Sex: 9h00-19h00) (Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
Massage Cream - 5L
Massage Cream - 5L

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  • Brand: MipMed
  • Model: MM-CMYB5

It is a non-greasy, hypoallergenic massage cream with good sliding power, easily absorbed by the skin without leaving any kind of stains on clothing.

It can be applied to greasy and moist skin.


  • Constitution: It has coconut derivatives and castor oil, leaving the skin smooth and soft.
  • Quantity: 5L
  • Instructions for use: Apply to the body area to massage, with gentle movements, until completely absorbed.
  • Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. If in contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
  • Ingredients: Aqua, paranum liquuidum, glycerin, prunus amydalus dulcis oil, peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, cetearyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol, decylene glycol, caprylyl glyciol, sodium cetearyl sulfate, dimethicone, caprylic / capric triglyceride, acrylates / C10-30 acrylate / C10-30 acrylate crosspolymer, triethanolamine, parfum, benzyl salicylate, linalool, cinnamal hexyl, hydroxycitronellal.
  • National production: a quality product produced in Portugal.






Additional information


What are the benefits of massage?

Massages provide both physical and psychological benefits!



  • Enhances breathing: Through massage, relax your breath, relaxing the muscles of your upper body.
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Decreases tiredness: The reason for feeling more active with massage, even after long periods of other activities, is related to the release of the well-being hormones, such as dopamine, which is responsible for the sensation of pleasure, movement, and motor functions. Recharge batteries without needing long periods of sleep! In order for the technique to be more efficient, we recommend starting the leg massage. Whether through work or constant physical activity, they are usually the first part of the body to suffer a little more from excessive tiredness. Having a relaxing leg massage stimulates blood circulation and dopamine production that will be needed later. Other areas that can have similar effects are shoulders, neck and head.
  • Stimulates the nervous system effectively
  • Relaxes and benefits sleep: Massages can help with insomnia issues. Although the result is not immediate, the relaxing effects make the first nights easier to sleep. Insomnia is usually related to stress, depression or muscle tension, so massage can treat both in the same proportion. Here it is necessary to choose the best technique: against insomnia, an option is shiatsu and Swedish massage. Shiatsu, specifically, works on points of muscular tension and so-called meridians, specific points of the body related to each organ, improving its functions.
  • Improves skin elasticity and revitalizes the skin: Eliminating toxins from the body through massage makes the skin remain younger. It's because? With the region stimulated correctly, the skin itself renews cells frequently, preventing exposure to climatic effects.
  • Muscle toning
  • Relieves stress: Reflexology, for example, is a more relaxing massage, stimulating the organs in general, namely the feet. Relieving tension at various points in the muscles and ligaments causes the brain to produce serotonin which is responsible for reducing stress. In fact, the real benefits of massages, whatever they may be, are only really explored when there is relief from stress. Someone who needs pain relief will be more successful with Ayurvedic massages than an aesthetic.
  • Improves circulation: All massage techniques have the initial objective of optimizing the blood flow that is responsible for stimulating our body, and ensuring that it works in a full and healthy way. By applying pressure points, or by stimulating through fast and constant friction in the muscles, blood vessels are dilated and expanded. One of the benefits is the elimination of harmful fats from the walls in the vessels and, concomitantly, a better transport of nutrients. The benefit is similar to that of saunas, but the exposure time is slightly longer, and more localized. Modeling massage can further facilitate vasodilation when applying essential oils with stimulating functions.
  • Stimulates and balances the digestive system
  • Helps fight high blood pressure: Research claims that massage can lower diastolic and systolic blood pressure.
  • Relaxes your muscles: Sitting for too long can cause chronic back pain. Massage can help with persistent pain by relaxing the muscles in the area.
  • Relieves headaches: Many headache problems can be solved with massage. One of the main advantages is that massage reduces the likelihood of developing a headache in the future, relaxing muscle spasms and trigger points.
  • It can improve the immune system: Studies have shown that regular massage can improve the body's overall immune system. Any activity that promotes good mood, which brings relaxation and well-being, strengthens the immune system. Why? Massage sessions, which cause this feeling of peace, release hormones responsible for pleasure and relaxation: serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin (mainly in relaxation sessions). Balanced levels of these hormones prevent milder illnesses. The massage must be reinforced with other activities: physical activity, sauna, a good laugh !! The secret is to transform massage into a complement.
  • Improves posture: Massage can help your body to strengthen healthy and natural movements, helping to correct posture problems.
  • Relieves back pain: Back pain is a type of muscle tension or can be caused by injuries. Those who work for long periods in the same position without stretching, can trigger back pain. There are techniques and a whole school dedicated to the treatment of the back, seeking to activate both the blood circulation and the lymphatic system. Back massage is specifically indicated for the following cases: (1) Spinal inflammation; (2) Kidney problems; (3) Interlocking of the column; (4) When done frequently, massage improves pain in the region, and promotes a series of other benefits such as better digestion, prevents diseases such as osteoporosis, and even the urinary system is more efficient.
  • Improves flexibility: Sedentary lifestyle and age can make joints less flexible, massage is a great therapy to help improve fluidity and range of motion in joints and connective tissues.
  • Eliminates edema: as a direct and more efficient form of treatment than just a compress, as to prevent new lesions from occurring in the same region for minor reasons. For these specific cases, lymphatic drainage is used.
  • Eliminate toxins: Muscles and organs accumulate harmful substances due to several factors: constant stress, poor diet, lack of rest, etc. Massage eliminates toxins, in addition to stimulating oxygenation of blood and muscles. Shiatsu and Swedish massage, with more fluid and focused movements, help to eliminate them. For example: massage helps to eliminate lactic acid that accumulates in muscle fibers and is directly responsible for the cramps. The reduction of toxins in the body decreases fatigue, in addition to preventing muscle and ligament inflammation. Massage helps to eliminate some free radicals, responsible for increasing the risk of cancer.
  • Makes the intestine more efficient: The intestine is a delicate area for massages, do it only if there are constant pictures of intestinal colic, constipation. Massages in the intestine region should be short, light and with a more therapeutic touch. The intention is to stimulate circulation in this region, so that the intestine performs the functions more efficiently, and frequently. The person, lying on his back, receives subtle and relaxing movements to loosen his muscles. To improve the function of the intestine, you should complement the massage, with the following precautions: (1) Avoid excess fiber - Eating foods with many fibers is excellent for the proper functioning of the stomach and intestine. But in excess it can cause the organ to obstruct. Balance consumption with food with large amounts of water, or fruit. (2) Increase physical activity and water consumption - One of the causes of the trapped intestine is sedentary lifestyle. Think of taking walks, combined with a good dose of water. (3) Improve eating habits - Do not overdo the fried foods. (4) Emotional factors - Psychological factors influence the functioning of the intestine. If this is your case, try to solve these problems before thinking about a massage.
  • Eliminates body tensions: Both muscle and stress. In both cases, the muscles become more stiff, causing localized pain, and in some cases more serious problems, such as spasms and cramps. You must take into account the source of the tensions, since the application of massage is quite different in each case. Common tensions, such as those of athletes or those who constantly exercise, are due to exaggerated efforts in the region, without proper rest or even stretching. Tensions of mental origin are related to stress. In these situations, the body releases a significant amount of cortisol and adrenaline, hormones responsible for activating the organism in situations of risk or under pressure, and consequently making the body even heavier. The relaxing massage is the most recommended for cases of tension caused by stress to relieve the body. In cases of excess with physical activities, deeper massages, such as Ayurvedic ones, are more recommended.




  • Improves self-esteem
  • Relax the mind: Massage produces chemical responses from the brain that encourage feelings of relaxation, reducing stress and improving mood.
  • Immediate well-being
  • Stimulates positive feelings and keeps negatives under control
  • Increases energy and stimulates the intellect
  • Helps in the treatment of depression and anxiety: A body that cannot relax can more easily cause an individual to go into depression or anxiety. Physiologically the massage produces cortisol, responsible for stress at high levels, and increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine (responsible for relaxing the mind). Another aspect for those who use massage as a treatment for depression and anxiety is related to the construction of self-image. It does not have an immediate result for this purpose, but with time, frequency and the correct application of massages, patients look at the body in a positive way, which they did not notice before, among other aspects. In large companies, Quick Massage is recommended to relax the body in a few minutes and enable the body to face the heaviest routine.

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