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Baby bottle brush - Quick Clean - Medela


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  • Brand: Medela
  • Product Code: MM-MDEBQC
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For thorough and gentle cleaning, for washing breast milk bottles, teats and pumping equipment.   Unique design with 180º bristles for.. See More

For thorough and gentle cleaning, for washing breast milk bottles, teats and pumping equipment.


Unique design with 180º bristles for cleaning without splashes or dirt;
Flexible head with wavy bristles, which adjusts to the contours of the bottle;
Spiral-striped teat cleaner, which removes residue from hard-to-reach areas;
Support that keeps the brush upright for quick and hygienic drying;
BPA free.
Medela's Quick Clean™ Bottle Brush offers a thorough, gentle cleaning so you can have peace of mind when washing your breast milk bottles, teats and pumping equipment.






Additional information

What breastfeeding accessories do I need?
There are many products, accessories and baby clothes on the market, but do any of them help mothers with breastfeeding?

acessorios da amamentação


If you plan to breastfeed your newborn, having the right kit can help. However, you may be trying to figure out which breastfeeding items you really need and which ones you can do without. To help you decide, we've broken your potential breastfeeding journey into stages, as your needs are likely to change over time. We also asked breastfeeding moms to give us their baby product recommendations and give us tips on what they found most helpful.

Accessories to start breastfeeding
The first few days with your baby are usually very hectic, so it pays to be prepared. Whether you're home right after giving birth, or you have to stay in the hospital for a few days, there are a number of things you should have ready:

nursing bras, sleeping bras and inner nursing tops
night shirts or pajamas for breastfeeding
breast-feeding pillow
Disposable or washable breast pads
cream for sore nipples
nipple formers if you have flat or inverted nipples
a book about breastfeeding
contact details of a breastfeeding consultant, breastfeeding specialist or helpline
If breastfeeding does not go as planned, a lactation consultant or breastfeeding specialist may advise you to use the following:

Silicone nipples if your baby has trouble latching on to the breast or has sore nipples. Generally speaking, silicone nipples should be considered a short-term solution. If you have problems or experience pain, consult your lactation consultant or breastfeeding specialist.
A breast pump to relieve engorgement and/or help establish your milk supply.
Some mothers also find that the cooling hydrogel pads provide a lot of relief in the days after giving birth, especially when the milk starts to come in.

What mothers found most helpful

"Cushions are useful for supporting your back, legs and arms. And breast pads for milk leakage, a nursing bra and wide tops for easy access (I've converted quality bras into nursing bras for more support). And we always used a sling." Zariya, mother of two, in South Africa.

"My number one product, which I couldn't live without, were hydrogel pads. They gave me some, in my first days of breastfeeding, and I never had a cracked nipple or a lot of pain. I put my hands in the fire for them and I offer them to anyone who is thinking of breastfeeding." Camilla, mother of one, in Australia.

"It was essential to have someone to bring me a glass of water, because I always forgot to get one before I started breastfeeding!" Mag, mother of two, in France.

"A thermos, so I could have a hot drink while I was in bed. Decent food and snacks – my mother-in-law made stewed meat and amazing pancakes (I needed to eat a lot!). A pillow to support my baby, because I was exhausted. A really comfy chair, a night light for the breastfeeding sessions at night and a pillow to sit on, because I had stitches – oh!" Felicia, mother of two, UK.

"A supportive companion, friend or grandmother to bring you cups of tea and all the other things you can't get while you're sitting and breastfeeding. Oh, and a Kindle so you can easily read a book with one hand!" Julie, mother of one, in Spain.


Breastfeeding equipment while breastfeeding takes hold
As the first few weeks go by, the two will gradually get used to breastfeeding. Breastfeeding sessions will be frequent and take a long time. Here are a few things that should make life easier and more comfortable while your breast milk supply settles and beyond:

nursing chair
application about breastfeeding
Disposable or washable breast pads
breast milk collectors
lots of healthy snacks, drinks and things to help pass the time.
At some point, you'll want to leave the comfortable cocoon of your home and go out with your baby. Read "Breastfeeding in Public" for more tips on feeding your baby when you're out and about.


What mothers found most helpful

"My essentials were nursing bras, disposable breast pads and large muslins to clean up spills and to help cover my baby and tits. And the lanolin cream was also an absolute must for cracked nipples and the tops and loose coats made breastfeeding easier." Tatjana, mother of three, in Switzerland.

"The most useful product was a nice U-shaped nursing pillow. I also had a rocking chair, which, at the right angle, I thought was very comfortable for breastfeeding my baby. I always listened to music to relax." Violeta, mother of one, in Romania.

"A sports water bottle that doesn't leak even when opened, so I can have it next to me when I'm lying on the couch or in bed. In addition, an application to monitor breastfeeding sessions and remind me that breast my baby breastfed last." Francesca, mother of one, UK.

"Milk collectors that we put inside the bra to catch any milk loss. I had such a big production that they saved my life." Lisa-Maria, mother of two, Switzerland.

"I loved my D-rim feeding cover. It gave my baby privacy and minimized distractions when we left the house. An IKEA Poäng chair, with a slight rocker, was a cheap alternative to insanely expensive rocking chairs. that the washable breast pads were very absorbent and the muslins can be used for a lot of things. What I wish I had bought is the Medela Easy Expression bra – it would have made pumping so much easier!" Camilla, mother of one, in Australia.


Accessories for expressing milk to feed the baby

At some point in your breastfeeding journey, you may need to use a breast pump to express milk for your baby. The type of pump you will need depends on your circumstances and how much milk you want to express. Depending on how often you want to express your milk, you may also need:

a steam or cold water sanitizer or microwave disinfection bags
breast milk storage bags
a "hands-free" extraction bra
a City Style cooler bag

What mothers found most helpful

"Early on, when I felt my breasts were about to burst, I used a Medela electric breast pump – just enough to get rid of excess milk without over-stimulating my breasts. It saved me a lot of discomfort. " Tatjana, mother of three, in Switzerland.

"I used the Medela Freestyle double electric breast pump to increase my milk supply, with the Easy Expression top to keep it in place so I could use my hands. It was absolutely brilliant." Amy, mother of one, UK.

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