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Multi-injector Circular for mesotherapy


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Multi Needle Connectors Needle Syringe



Features of the multi-injector syringe needle connectors


  • Meso-relle® Multinors are practical and functional medical devices.

  • There are different formats available (circular or linear) according to the location of the body being treated and the quantity to be injected.

  • Number of variable tips.

  • Possibility of choosing the size of the needle most appropriate to each part of the body or treatment.

  • Perfect coupling with meso-relle® sterile needles.

  • Snap-in system that allows quick connection to any type of applicator, be it manual or automatic, namely to syringes, pressure guns, pistols, among others.

  • The multi-injectors are sterile.

  • Color: Transparent.



Available Formats


  • Circular with 3, 5 or 7 outputs.

  • Linear with 3 or 5 outputs.




Sold to unit.




Meso-relle® multi-beam devices are sterile and single use. On the other hand, as the meso-relle® needles have a tip protection, the sterility of the system is guaranteed until the moment of use and safety when the device is eliminated.One drawback of certain multi-applicators marketed in the market lies in their need for continuous sterilization since they are used collectively. Due to the increasing risks of contamination, the use of multi-injectors for single-use and one-person, provides the possibility of production of "Kits" prepared in specific laboratories for each treatment. In this way, each patient acquires and uses their own kit, eliminating the need for continuous sterilization.




Both linear and circular connectors can be coupled with all meso-relle® Luer cone needles of different diameters, namely 27G (0.4mm), 30G (0.3mm) and 31G (0.26mm) .



Therapeutic indications


Meso-relle® Mentor devices are used by medical specialists to treat stretch marks, culottes, cellulite and varicose veins. They confer a number of advantages on mesotherapy and in other liquid applications.




The above affections are often treated by the application of specific liquids in the various regions of the body through plunger syringes or manual or automatic applicators (pressure type or pistol).




Certainly these treatments are too traumatic and painful, due to the large number of bites to which the patient is subjected. Recently multi-injectors have been created that make this process faster and less painful!

The micro-injector is a linear or cylindrical part, equipped with a battery of nozzles or nozzles with several needles in one of the poles. On the other side / pole the part conveniently attaches to the syringe or applicator.

The micro-injectors have the function of distributing the liquid and, in this way, instead of the patient receiving several bites, one at a time, is subjected to the application of a battery of bites, which covers a larger area of ​​the body.


Advantage in the use of microinjectors:


  • faster application

  • consequently, less trauma to the patient

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