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Luer Mesotherapy Needles - 31G - 12mm


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Features Mesotherapy needle with cannula in stainless steel AISI 304 and syringe connection in polypropylene resin.Amount Box of 100 needles.. See More

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Mesotherapy needle with cannula in stainless steel AISI 304 and syringe connection in polypropylene resin.


Box of 100 needles for mesotherapy.


With ethylene oxide gas.

Shelf life 

Validity of 5 years.


* Outside diameter: 0.26mm

* Inside diameter: 0.15mm

* Length: 12mm



What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy or intradermotherapy is a non-surgical procedure, widely used in Europe to treat injuries and medical conditions. It consists of the administration of microinjections with conventional or homeopathic medicines, whose ingredients may vary, but usually include extracts of plants, vitamins, minerals, in the middle layer of the skin. Injected substances differ according to purpose and, within the scope of aesthetics, are generally of natural origin.

Mesotherapy has a decontracting, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and analgesic action.

What are the therapeutic indications?

In the early days it was more used in the field of sports medicine. Nowadays, it is used in several areas.

In sports medicine, when there is a soft tissue injury, mesotherapy is one of the techniques that can help sportspeople to return to activity more quickly. The substances used in these cases have anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant effects.


 In esthetics, it is used for weight loss or reduction of cellulite, localized fat / lipolytic action / stimulation of lipolysis (fat degradation ability), improve blood and lymphatic circulation, promote reabsorption and decrease of edema, better known as drainage and tissue restructuring / tissue reaffirmation. When applied in the realm of beauty and well-being, this procedure helps tone the body and rejuvenate the face and neck.

Mesotherapy used for weight loss and combat cellulite has effective effects - requiring about ten sessions - in reducing body volume and cellulite, as the intradermal microinjections stimulate microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, combating fluid retention and stored fat . According to the American Board of Aesthetic Mesotherapy, the effects of mesotherapy are enhanced when accompanied by a balanced diet and regular practice of physical exercise.

In the specialty of dermatology, mesotherapy has several indications: to combat aging and skin fatigue, the injected substances range from vitamin complexes to hyaluronic acid, through minerals and coenzymes. The treatments aim to stimulate the production of collagen, the main responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin, whose presence in the age. In the treatment of baldness, mesotherapy allows to effectively administer the molecule that prevents the breakdown of testosterone and consequent hair loss, as well as the compounds that stimulate the hair follicle and strengthen the existing hair.

Mesotherapy may also be useful in rheumatology, especially when there are tendinitis, bursitis, osteoarthrosis, low back pain, myalgias, and spastic and reflex muscle contractures. According to the Portuguese Institute of Rheumatology, the side effects of these treatments are practically nonexistent.

It can also be applied in the treatment of other medical conditions such as: Fibromyalgia, herpes, hair loss, carpal tunnel syndrome, Bell's palsy, sinusitis, insomnia, pain and edema, migraine, inflammation in general, varicose veins, scars , insomnia (one of the compounds is chamomile, therefore, they are natural compounds).

Mesotherapy has a decontracting, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and analgesic action.


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