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MSD-Band Silver - Super Heavy - 14cm x 5,5m (like Theraband)


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  • Brand: MSD Band
  • Product Code: MM-TBPR14
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Theraband elastic band for exercises with various resistances.   Length: 5.5 m Width: 14 cm Resistance: Super Strong   &nb.. See More

Theraband elastic band for exercises with various resistances.


Length: 5.5 m

Width: 14 cm

Resistance: Super Strong



  Advantages of Using Elastic Bands

  • Easy to use.
  • The use is intuitive.
  • They are low cost.
  • Its maintenance is economical.
  • They do not require supervision of any monitor.
  • Easy to carry and store (unlike weights or fitness equipment).
  • Valid for all athletes.
  • No previous experience is required as the strength of the tapes adapts to your level.
  • If performed well the exercises are effective. The elastic bands allow working the muscle groups and enable them with greater movement capacity.


  Possible other designation for elastic bands

Elastic bands can be called in several ways:

  • elastic gums,
  • elastic bands,
  • physical therapy elastic,
  • physical therapy tape,
  • flex bands,
  • elastic straps,
  • rubber band,
  • theraband, among others.


  How to choose the elastic band?

  • The strength of each band will dictate their intended use.
  • If you want to train large muscles, such as the buttocks or leg muscles, you must use a high resistance.
  • If you want to work arms it can be very low resistance.
  • In everyday life, you can change resistance to a higher strength band on the scale when you feel you can do the repetitions without working the muscle.


  Tips for caring for and prolonging the life of elastic bands

1) After use, store in a bag or box always looking for a cool and ventilated space.

2) To prevent sticking, put on talcum from time to time, so the elastic properties will be conserved and last longer.

3) During training, hold the band between the thumb and index finger or wrap in the palm of the hand, avoiding pressing with the nails, not to tear it.

4) Accessories like rings, watch or earrings, which can tear the sash.

5) Wash the band with mild soap and water to wipe off the sweat, dry with a towel and then add talcum powder. Once a month.

In this way the service life of the elastic band will be extended much longer.



   4 different ways to use the elastic band in training

The elastic band is a good alternative to using weights or exercise machines to strengthen the muscles. It allows a functional workout that easily allows you to reach your goals, to exercise the whole body.

Just a couple of elastic straps can get in shape without any additional material. It can be used in various modalities: pilates, dance, sports, fitness!

To get the full benefit of rubber bands, here are several different ways to use elastic bands in training to achieve your goals. Learning a few exercises for different parts of your body will give you the best results.


 Abs -Abs

Level: simple.

  • Secure the band at ground level (so that it does not come loose) face down.
  • Grab the rubber straps and extend your arms above your knees.
  • To perform the activity, stretch the elastics to lift the trunk.
  • Once in this posture, slowly lower your body and repeat the movement.



Easy level.

  • Fix the elastics to a high area.
  • Sit in a chair holding the straps with your hands outstretched in front of the head.
  • From this position, the exercise is simple: pull the bands toward the abdomen and slowly return to the starting position.



Easy level.

Lots of variations.

  • Place the band at medium height and hold one of the straps with the hand closest to your shoulder.
  • Push forward until arm is parallel and returns to starting position.
  • After a series of repetitions, change arm.
  • Putting the inclined bands at different heights does a variety of the same exercise.



Level: simple.

Position: Crouching.

  • Position the band under the feet.
  • Lower and hold the handles, leaving them at shoulder height.
  • Push up so that your legs extend until you stand upright.
  • After a few seconds, resume the starting position.
  • Repeat the exercise.



  Video: training with theraband. How to use theraband? :


  Theraband exercises for ballet or dance:


  You can see more exercises explained with images at:


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