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Musa Hortelã and Nettles Facial Soap - 125g


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  • Brand: Musa
  • Product Code: MM-SFHUM
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Moisturizing soap for facial wash with refreshing aroma. Contains nettles, peppermint and clay. Ideal for cleaning. Anti-inflammatory properties. Refr.. See More

Moisturizing soap for facial wash with refreshing aroma. Contains nettles, peppermint and clay. Ideal for cleaning. Anti-inflammatory properties. Refreshing mint aroma. Mint purifies and helps preserve the skin's collagen. Menthol is known for its action against bacteria.


Instructions for Use:
You can use the soap in question every day, however, it is not recommended more than 1 use per day in order not to clean excessively the fat necessary for the protection of the skin. It is advisable to use a Facial Cream day or night after cleaning. Use on wet skin and rinse after use. Always keep your soap dry after exposure to water, for a longer durability of your product. Store in a dry place.


Highlights in the composition of the product:
This product is based on natural raw materials such as rich vegetable butters and aromatic plants and vegetable oils such as, for example, Coconut Oil that promotes skin conditioning and great stability against skin oxidation. Studies reveal possible anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-swelling and anti-oxidant properties of nettle with its topical application. Contains color attributed naturally through clay and crushed minerals. Not recommended for pregnant women. Suspend its use in case of irritation. Do not swallow.r

Ingredients: Sodium olivate, Sodium cocoate, Beer, Sodium Cocoa Butterate, Sodium castorate, Sodium sheabutterate, Gliceryne, Sodium jojobate, CI 77891, Ilite, Parfum, CI 77019, CI 77288, Urtica Dioica, Limonene, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499.

NO preservatives, NO synthetic fragrances, NO synthetic dyes, NO synthetic ingredients. Not tested on animals. Pure and Natural Ingredients only.






Additional information


Many times it is seen as an erva daninha, a urtiga and considered, since ancient times, a remedy to alleviate many doenças. Packed with nutrients, it is a true ally of health and a well-kept beauty segment. In order to convince you of a thousand virtues of this unjustly discredited plant, we present here 6 benefits of urtiga para o seu bem-estar. Be careful, I can surpreender-se!



# 1 Toning and Fortifying
Sit-are you a little tired and a little relaxed? A urtiga contains many stimulating nutrients. Six times it is richer in vitamin C than orange, it also contains vitamins A, B, E and K. Also rich in minerals: silica, magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and many more. To urtiga a significant theory of iron in particular: count two times more iron than meat! A true vantagem to prefer a diet based on vegetables, pois a vitamin C contained in urtiga promotes iron absorption. It is probably because of this that urtiga is considered a remedy for mild anemia. Consumed as a cure, in the form of ervas or capsules, the urtiga can help reduce temporary fatigue and stimulate the immune system.


# 2 Complete Protein Fonte
Eat 8 grams of protein per 100 grams, as fresh leaves of urtiga são uma boa source of vegetable protein. Urtica Dioica (scientific name) was enough to compete for sources of animal protein. It contains 8 essential amino acids that facilitate the assimilation of proteins for the body. To benefit from these nutritional benefits, a urtiga can be consumed daily, cooked as a vegetable, in the form of soup, quiche, omelet, pesto, butter, pudding or even a bolus. Gourmet lovers are going to adore!

# 3 Relieves joint pain
Did you know that formerly, to heal or rheumatism, the chicoteavam-we eat fresh urtiga? Isso é o que se pode de chamar as a shock cure! This method gives place to much more delicate care. A urtiga is now used as a bath and in a poultice or administered as an infusion or as a food supplement. It is anti-inflammatory, "detoxifying" and mineralizing, relieves joints, arthritis and rheumatism. Furthermore, its diuretic properties promote the elimination of uric acid, which accumulation can cause gout attacks.


# 4 Soothe mouth and throat injuries
Infused with urtiga, not to be surprised! Used as a gargarejo, it would help relieve small sore throats. In the form of oral enxaguatório, it would be a great ally to get rid of canker sores and other minor injuries that affect the mouth. Do you want to drink more of a chávena de chá de urtiga?

# 5 Promote a Saudi fight
Thanks to its mineral content and its purifying properties, it would help to treat hives or eczema, psoriasis, but also acne. Consumed regularly or administered as a cure, or chá de urtiga would help restore health to the skin. A urtiga infusion can also be applied to the skin as a compress. Small touches that we can accompany you, I do not walk for a pele de pêssego, resplendent and comfortable!

# 6 Fortify your hair
Or is your hair fragile? Use urtigas in the form of chá de ervas, capsules or simply consumed as a vegetable. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, limiting urtiga to break a few, left hair and tied to baldness. It will also help with brighter hair and less oily hair. To achieve these highly desirable effects, also use urtiga externally as a mask, shampoo or loção.

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