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Omnican Insulin Syringes 1ml - 100 units


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  • Brand: B Braun
  • Product Code: MM-SEP130G12
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Syringe characteristicsInsulin syringes Omnican 1ml, are single-use syringes with a built-in needle.U-100 insulin1ml / 100 I.U. (1/100)The inside of t.. See More

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Syringe characteristics

  • Insulin syringes Omnican 1ml, are single-use syringes with a built-in needle.
  • U-100 insulin
  • 1ml / 100 I.U. (1/100)
  • The inside of the syringe is sterile.
  • Single use.
  • Remove protective wrap before use.

Needle size

30G 12mm


A box with 100 units.

Other Applications

In addition to the use for insulin, these needle syringes are also widely used in Mesotherapy, as the quality of B. Braun guarantees quality treatments.


Do not use damaged syringes or open casing.

Do not return the protective cap to the needle after removing.

Dispose of used syringes in an appropriate container for this purpose.

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