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Mipmed's mission is to create mutually beneficial partnerships. 


We are continually willing to create new partnerships with professionally oriented companies to offer the best to our customers. We intend to work with companies whose values ​​we identify with. Working with many companies is in our genesis!







If you have a business related to the sale of medical products and want to work with us you may enjoy resale discounts. 


Contact us by email and let us know about your company and activity. 

If your reseller status is approved, we wish you a good deal! 







If you own a product or brand that fits Mipmed, please contact us and explain what makes your product interesting to us.


You can contact us at

We accept partnerships with new products and brands that meet the needs of our customers and have a very competitive quality price logic. 







If you are a blogger, youtuber, an athlete… an influencer, and want to share with your followers the opportunities that exist at Mipmed, you can enjoy 5% of all sales that your followers make. 


To be an influencer sign up here. If approved start promoting the site! 







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