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Rua de Barreiros, 74,
4715-166 Nogueira,
Braga, Portugal

Rua do Monte de S. Bento, lote 11 e 12,
4705-700 Fradelos,
Braga, Portugal


+351 253 257 148 (Seg-Sex: 9h00-19h00) (Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)

Rua de Barreiros, 74,
4715-166 Nogueira,
Braga, Portugal

Rua do Monte de S. Bento, lote 11 e 12,
4705-700 Fradelos,
Braga, Portugal


+351 253 257 148 (Seg-Sex: 9h00-19h00) (Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)

Phillippe by Almada


Phillippe by Almada

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Phillippe by Almada


An already beautiful story

Our story is as fascinating as the story of Cleopatra and her famous baths of beauty in donkey's milk, and it inevitably mixes with it.

The female world has always been a mystery to men. And when it comes to beauty rituals, even more so. It was 2005 when our founding partner, Filipe Carvalho, read an article about Cleopatra's ritual, for which the beauty queen used the milk of 300 donkeys. Curious about the benefits of this milk in the process of skin renewal and rejuvenation, I wanted to go deeper into the topic and that's how it all started.

His research would translate into a long and sustained scientific study that would lead him, in a first phase, to acquire our first Mirandese donkey – the Bolacha.

From the very first day, we witnessed closely the sensitivity and maternal instinct of the donkey and it became clear that, first and foremost, would be the well-being of the Bolacha offspring. Thus, during the first months, all the milk went to the calf and, later on, only a small part was collected; an equation that is still respected today; milking is always an act of sharing at Herdade das Faias, the stage of our history.


Discovering a unique, unique formula

A happy donkey reciprocates with the best milk and, therefore, it wasn't long before we could see the richness of this noble and rare milk, with restorative and renewing properties.
We also quickly discovered that the artisanal manufacture of cosmetic products using fresh milk does not guarantee the full effectiveness of their properties. Therefore, our goal became to find a formula that was able to stabilize and preserve all the natural qualities of milk.

It took a few more years of study, but thanks to the partnership with the Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra, Universidade Nova, the Institute of Biotechnology and the Faculty of Pharmacy we found it. This is a completely mechanical procedure: the milk is collected, frozen and then subjected to a unique freeze-drying process that transforms it into powder, allowing it to keep its initial characteristics unchanged.


The guarantee of proven effectiveness

The discovery of a unique formula, capable of keeping the natural properties of donkey milk unaltered, led us to create the first products and to order efficacy tests from independent laboratories with international certification: Phd Trials. (See effectiveness tests)

The results couldn't be more surprising: 41% hydration in the soap when the market leader offered only 25%. Donkey milk powder allows the use of higher concentrations of product in cosmetics, which increases their effectiveness.

The next step would be to flavor the products. For this, we turned to the accredited perfumer Lourenço Lucena; the only Portuguese recognized by the French Society of Perfumers.

His fragrance came to complete the main ingredient, donkey milk, with natural waxes, vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter and translates into a delicate aroma that does not overpower the woman's perfume.

And so Phillipe by Almada was born. From Monte das Faias to the world, Phillippe by Almada produces a line of dermocosmetics products that are an authentic elixir of youth for the skin.


A day in the beeches

Bolacha, the first inhabitant of Faias, were joined by others: Poppy, Erva, Briosa, Beer, Lavender, Achada, Acorn… several happy donkeys and an even happier stallion: Trovisco, the guarantee of everything the production and preservation of the species.

Currently, around 50 donkeys live in the Faias that dictate their rituals. At 6 in the morning the day starts with a walk through the fields and at 12:30 on the dot, their biological clock does not fail, it is the first milking.

Naturally, the donkeys go to the milking room and “knock at the door” if Zé António, the handler, is late. Afterwards, each one takes its place: they know their position well and there are no exchanges. They are of fixed ideas!



After milking, they return to the pasture and only return to this room at 6.30 pm, to later meet in the field with their young.

And so the days pass peacefully, at Herdade das Faias…


Why donkey milk?

Because it is a noble, rare product and has extraordinary qualities for the skin:

  • It has a great antioxidant potential has a huge intervention in terms of hydration Contributes to skin firmness
  • Contributes to the skin's smoothness and elasticity It has a set of elements that contribute to a natural anti-wrinkle, anti-stretch mark and skin smoothing effect.

produtos by almada

Firming Body Milk

  • Ensures superior hydration for 48 hours
  • Reduces skin relief by 28%
  • Reduces stretch marks
  • Restores skin elasticity

Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream and Relief Regularizer

  • Reduces the number of wrinkles by more than 40%
  • Reduces their volume by more than 27% after 28 days of use
  • Ensures superior hydration, preventing the effects of skin photoaging
  • Accelerates skin recovery in 3.9 days compared to control after an assault

Hand cream

Recommended for all skin types and easy to apply, being very soft and absorbed with a lot of

  • 85.6% hydration after 30 m of application
  • 70.7% hydration after 2 h of application
  • 56.9% hydration after 4 h of application
  • 53.5% hydration after 8 h of application

With more than 53% hydration for up to 8 hours after application, it offers greater protection, smoothness and beauty to your hands.


  • Ensures a daily hydration boost of 41
  • Gives more smoothness to the skin
  • Keeps skin hydrated, even after washing, for 24H
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