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Container for Needles - 2L


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Group 4 - 2L Waste Container Do not force the introduction of objects. Use with support. Only for contaminated hazardous objects. Destruct.. See More

Group 4 - 2L Waste Container

  • Do not force the introduction of objects.
  • Use with support.
  • Only for contaminated hazardous objects.
  • Destruction by incineration.
  • Single use container.
  • Autoclavable at 134º - 18 minutes.

The classification of hospital waste is established by Order No. 242/96, published on August 13, which divides it into four groups. With regard to the needle containers sold by Mipmed, the waste falls within group IV.

Waste Group IV - specific hospital waste - waste of various types, mandatory incineration. This group includes:

  • Identifiable anatomical pieces, fetuses and placentas, until publication of specific legislation;
  • Corpses of laboratory animals;
  • Sharp and piercing materials: needles, catheters and all invasive material;
  • Regulated chemicals and drugs, when not subject to specific legislation;
  • Cytostatics and all the material used in their handling and administration.

(You can consult this information from the DGS in its entirety at



Additional information

Syringes only in the sailfish of the participating pharmacies or a container of needles that you can have at home

The pilot project "Seringas Só no Agulhão" was launched last June 27, in a public ceremony attended by Manuela Pacheco, President of AFP; Ana Paula Martins, President of the Pharmaceutical Association and Rui Bastos, Country Manager at Stericycle in Portugal. Find out in more detail how this project works and which pharmacies adhere.

Which is?

This is an innovative pilot project implemented by the Associação de Farmácias de Portugal (AFP), in partnership with the company Stericycle, and aimed at the collection of syringes used by diabetics, as well as all citizens who need injectable drugs .

How it works?

The pharmacies participating in the pilot project have their own container - the Agulhão - where all citizens can put their used syringes, without any associated costs.

What are the advantages?

With Agulhão, citizens now have at their disposal, for the first time, a safe, ecological and free solution for their used syringes.

You can see a video on this subject at:  





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