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Mustard seed with Adhesive


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For auriculotherapy treatments.     French auriculotherapy and Chinese auriculotherapy, although they consist of the same techn.. See More

For auriculotherapy treatments.


Auriculotherapy | Ear Pellets, Seeds, & Tacks | Waco, TX


French auriculotherapy and Chinese auriculotherapy, although they consist of the same technique, are very different, as each country has prepared a different map of the ear with the specific points to be stimulated.

Auriculotherapy offers the benefits of acupuncture, but while on the move
For those who the idea of ​​putting needles on their bodies is scary, it can be based on mustard seeds in the auriculotherapy technique.


What is Auriculotherapy?
Auriculotherapy is a technique that uses stitches on the outer ear to diagnose and treat pain and medical conditions in the body.

Also known as auricular medicine, doctors use this therapy to treat pain, addiction and internal disorders with excellent results. Whether used in conjunction with another treatment or alone, auriculotherapy is often effective when other treatments are treated.

It is safe, non-invasive and has no known results.


Auriculotherapy is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, an ancient healing art that defines acupuncture points on the body for the treatment of various diseases.

In the 1950s, Dr. Paul Nogier of Lyon, France, expanded the healing points of the original Chinese letters to a more extensive system. The ancient texts showed only a few points for specific conditions, the work of Dr. Nogier altering that the ear is a micro-map of the entire body, with all parts of the body represented. Thus, all parts of the body can be evaluated and treated through the outer ear.

Much of Dr. Nogier's original work has been verified in several research studies, and the Chinese and European systems are based on his work.


Auriculotherapy is widely used to control pain, addictions of all kinds, internal disorders, emotional problems and a number of others.

Doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, dentists and lay people often see excellent results from well-known ear treatments.


What points to deal with
The most effective approach is to treat only the ACTIVE points on any graph. The hotspots are acquired by palpation in search of sensitivity (the hotspots are considered under pressure) or by the electrical resistance test. High quality ear care devices have a way of assessing to locate hotspots and a way of treating to treat the points when it occurs.


Which ear to treat
It is often not necessary or even desirable to treat both ears in the same session. You can switch ears in any protocol to have an accurate representation of the left and right ear. For acute conditions, it is sometimes advisable to treat both ears. Trust your intuition and clinical experience to decide what is best for your patient.

NOTE: certain relating to the liver and gallbladder treatment only the right ear. These are noted in the graphs.


Each ear is a little different and, with degrees of auriculotherapy points in the ear, it is practically impossible to remember when they are all together and to pinpoint them accurately.

It gets even more complex when you start combining points in treatment protocols. You need to know where the points are and what services are effective for specific diseases.

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