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Sterilized Needles -23G x 1 1/2 - 0,6x25mm - 100 unidades


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  • Brand: BD Medical
  • Product Code: MM-AE23G25
  • In stock

 23G Needles Features     Hypodermic Needle. Sterilized. Indication: Intravenous injection or intramuscular injection.. See More

 23G Needles Features  


  • Hypodermic Needle.
  • Sterilized.
  • Indication: Intravenous injection or intramuscular injection in children. Transfer medication.
  • Disposable for use and disposal. Very important: Use specific needle containers!
  • Bezel tip, which minimizes pain as penetration effort is minimal.
  • Individually packaged in peel pack.
  • Each unit pack of the needle contains the lot number, expiration date and sterilization of the product.
  • Color-coded connector for easier needle gauge identification, which is translucent for quick identification of medications and body fluids.
  • Shelf Life: 5 years




What to consider when choosing the right needle?


To choose the right needle, it is important to consider:

  • the route of administration,
  • the place,
  • the volume,
  • the viscosity of the medication,
  • the skin and musculature conditions of the patient.



Can the 23 G needle be used to give an intramuscular injection in children?


Yes. Children have less muscle mass than adults, so a 23G needle can be used to give an intramuscular injection to children.



Why disinfect the puncture site?


This procedure allows to reduce the bacterial load before the injection. Alcohol swab or cotton wool or a disinfectant wipe may be used.




What is a disinfectant pad?


It is a tissue soaked in emollient and antibacterial solutions that disinfects the injection area.



The basic components of a needle are:


Cannon: This is the widest part of the needle that fits into the syringe.

Stem: is the largest and thinnest part;

Bevel: This is the tip of the needle, where it has a small opening.



Tricks, practical and psychological advice to reduce the pain of an injection:


  1. Relax / relax patient prior to injection. Get the patient to think of something pleasant. Ask for children / grandchildren / new projects.
  2. Apply a little finger pressure massage to the injection area. This distends the area where the medicine will be injected, which reduces the pain. When massaging the chosen injection area, there may sometimes be some involuntary muscle contraction.
  3. Hesitating is forbidden !! The injection should be performed in a single maneuver that combines decision and speed both when it is inserted and when it is withdrawing the needle. Basically i must be successful at first.
  4. The needles should be as small as possible, but adequate for the area of ​​the bite and the type of medicine and injection. That is, choose the needle that allows you to administer the medicine as quickly as possible and without the pain of excessive drug release.
  5. Inject the medicine slowly and consistently. Rule to facilitate drug absorption and minimize pain: administer at a rate of less than 1 milliliter for 10 seconds.



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