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Essential Oil Sweet Home 30ml - Pranarom


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  • Brand: Pranarom
  • Product Code: MM-ODDLBP
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​Diffusion oil for cozy home. Moments of relaxation and well-being "in our home", thanks to the warm notes of Ylang-tlang and Rosa Damasc.. See More

​Diffusion oil for cozy home.

Moments of relaxation and well-being "in our home", thanks to the warm notes of Ylang-tlang and Rosa Damascena.

100% organic essential oils.

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Now that we've spent more time in our Home why not try the "Sweet Home" Broadcast mix?  ????  ????

This blend provides moments of relaxation and well-being in our home, thanks to the warm notes of Ylang-ylang and damask rose.




Additional information

How to make the house cozier

1.A real painting
As much as digital and print art is an enabler these days, nothing is more personal than a real painting, done with paint and brush on top of a blank canvas. They give more warmth to an environment, because the artist puts a little of himself in each brushstroke – in other words, it's another indication of life in the environment.

2.Use organic materials
Plastic and synthetic materials are beautiful, but they always make a room a little more artificial. If you are looking for warmth, opt for organic materials, such as wood, and fabrics that are natural as well, such as wool and cotton for decoration.


3.Buy furniture from different eras
Buying vintage furniture is an amazing idea to make the house look “used” – but in a good way! A vintage dresser, old, from another era, gives more character to a room, for example, and offers a different story in a place full of new things. These items can even be the highlight of an environment.


4.Try a wallpaper
How about adding a little more texture to the living room? Play with wallpapers and different application models that can make the environment flashy and with a cozier and warmer face.


Want to put more life into your home? Don't forget the plants. A new house needs a little more green, so choose species that work well for the environments you'll spend more time in, like the living room, bedroom and even the bathroom – oh, and the kitchen can also get a boost. green!


6. Carpets
Carpets are synonymous with coziness, because they help to make the space warmer. Remember to place one at the foot of the bed so that you have a place to step before coming into contact with the floor, and also in the living room, to complement the decor of the room.

7. Aromatherapy
Often, a new house with new furniture has a smell that you don't necessarily connect with the idea of ​​home. Light a candle, add a diffuser with an essence you like or try to make a homemade deodorizer. But remember to put a smell around the house that you identify as “home”.

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