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Pure Vaseline – AGA – 900g


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  • Brand: AGA
  • Product Code: MM-VP900
  • In stock

Purified vaseline for protection and hydration of dry or cracked skin. It also works as a healthy skin softener. Ingredients: Petrolatum &nbs.. See More

Purified vaseline for protection and hydration of dry or cracked skin.

It also works as a healthy skin softener.

Ingredients: Petrolatum



Discover 18 alternative everyday uses of petroleum jelly:

1. To make the wood of furniture more beautiful, apply a layer of Vaseline.

The tip also serves to remove the white stains that glasses with drinks usually leave on the wood.

2. Vaseline also helps to unfasten backpacks, suitcases, clothes, locked.

3. To make the scent of the perfume last longer, rub a little Vaseline on the points where the product will be applied.

4. Strengthen and moisturize your lashes with a little Vaseline before bed. This will make them more elongated over time. Do not forget to remove excess product in the morning, when washing your face.

5. Make your own lip gloss using petroleum jelly and soluble powder to make instant juice of your choice.

6. Can it be used as a make-up remover? Yes, Vaseline fulfills the role of removing makeup from the skin very well.

7. If you dye your hair at home, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the scalp and forehead region to prevent the skin from becoming dyed too.

8. When painting your nails, if you use a little Vaseline over the cuticle, it will prevent excess nail polish from getting on the skin. If you need to, just clean the product and the enamel will come off just as easily.

9. Vaseline on pets' paws to protect them from cold, rough surfaces.

10. Is the door creaking? Just apply a little Vaseline to the hinge. The trick also works on sliding doors that are sticky. To do this, just put some of the product on the rails.

11. In the absence of grease, use petroleum jelly to keep the polished shoes shiny and to remove surface scratches.

12. Vaseline is also quite effective for taking scratches from CDs.

13. Reduce the dry appearance and hide the split ends of hair by using a little Vaseline along the strands.

14. To remove lipstick stains and other makeup stains from clothing and fabrics in general, apply a little Vaseline over it and rub with a clean cloth.

15. How to remove the black dots from the nose? Rub a little petroleum jelly onto your skin and cover it with cling film. After 15 minutes, wash and see the difference.

16. Mix a little Vaseline, rock salt and a few drops of essential oil of your choice and make your own body scrub.

17. In the baby's bath, rub some Vaseline over the child's eyebrows. This helps stop the foam and prevents the baby's eyes from stinging from the soap. In the end, wash the child's skin very well, to prevent any residue from the product.

18. To treat rough skin, athlete's foot, and cracked heels, use petroleum jelly on your feet regularly.


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