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Sandalwood Essential Oil - 5ml - Pranarom


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Santalum austrocaledonicum var. austrocaledonicum 5ml Originally from Malaysia, this small tree measuring 10-12 meters has a canopy of fallen br.. See More

Santalum austrocaledonicum var. austrocaledonicum


Originally from Malaysia, this small tree measuring 10-12 meters has a canopy of fallen branches.
The oval leaves, always green, are located in the opposite direction. Numerous small flowers are grouped in straw-yellow and then red inflorescences. It has the ability to parasitize other plants.

Indian sandalwood essential oil Pranarom is pure essential oil extracted from the aromatic plant  Amyris balsamifera . Among the aromatic molecules present in its biochemical composition, valerianol and eudesmol stand out. Due to its psychosomatic effect, it is excellent for promoting relaxation and for meditation.


Indian sandalwood essential oil (100%).


Directions for use:

To obtain a balanced, harmonious and sensual massage oil, mix 3 drops of CTEO Yellow Sandalwood + 1 drop of CTEO Neroli + 1 drop of CTEO Grapefruit (shavings).
15 drops of this synergy will be massaged into the back, starting at the lower back and moving up towards the neck, working the paravertebral areas (on both sides of the spine).


In the massage, a few drops diluted in vegetable oil and applied locally.


Application domain:
Circulatory Care


What are the properties of Indian sandalwood essential oil Pranarom?
This essential oil is particularly indicated to combat infectious states, stress and create a warm and relaxing environment, so it is excellent to be used in home diffusers.

For external use, mixed in creams or other products, it is excellent in fighting diseases such as:

Varicose veins, in particular, to facilitate circulation, including lymphatic and to relieve heavy legs;
Skin infections and prevention of diseases such as eczema or fungi;
General fatigue, stress and nervous tension;
For internal use, it is used in compounds to treat:

  • digestive disorders;
  • Urinary Infections:


How to use Pranarom Indian Sandalwood Essential Oil?
For a relaxing effect, it can be added to massage creams and oils and applied to the wrists, solar plexus and soles of the feet for maximum benefit.

For use in a diffuser, a few drops of product are sufficient.


Warnings and conservation
A tolerance test must be performed before using the product. Do not use during the first trimester of pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep away from sources of heat or light.


How to take Indian Sandalwood Essential Oil?
It is recommended for airways and for colds and periods of contagion.
For the oral route: to treat infectious problems, such as digestive and urinary problems.
For the cutaneous route: relaxing massage and “stress”. Specific application points: wrists, solar plexus, soles of the feet.



May produce an allergic skin reaction. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not apply undiluted to skin. Do not ingest. IN CASE OF SKIN CONTACT: Wash with plenty of soap and water. In case of irritation or rash: consult a physician. Keep away from all sources of heat and light. See the brochure.


Storage conditions
Keep away from sources of heat and light.

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