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Rua de Barreiros, 74,
4715-166 Nogueira,
Braga, Portugal

Rua do Monte de S. Bento, lote 11 e 12,
4705-700 Fradelos,
Braga, Portugal


+351 253 257 148 (Seg-Sex: 9h00-19h00) (Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
Sulfur Soap - 75g
Sulfur Soap - 75g

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  • Brand: Confiança
  • Model: MM-SE75

The trusted sulfur soap was formulated with sulfur ideal for oily skin.

With the national development of this traditional company, the sulfur soap from Confiança appears to respond to the needs of hyper-seborrheic skins (very oily), since it contributes to reduce the production of excessive oiliness.

Its formula is 100% vegetable and biological, also containing sweet almond oil that softens the skin after rinsing.

Sulfur is an ingredient recognized for its antimicrobial and sebum-regulating action, used for the treatment of various pathologies caused by the excess of oil in the skin and proliferation of bacteria or fungi.


Directions for Use

  • Apply to damp skin, massaging gently.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

Size: 75g




Additional information

Sulfur soap is made from sulfur, a mineral with anti-inflammatory, astringent, antibacterial and more.

Despite being widely known, there are still many myths about sulfur soap.


What is sulfur soap for?


Sulfur soap is widely used by those who like to take care of their skin, always trying to keep it clean and healthy. But the soap also has other benefits:

  • Helps fight folliculitis
  • Helps fight folliculitis due to its antibacterial action.
  • However, it is necessary to be very careful with the use of the soap to fight folliculitis, since it dries the sensitive skin a lot.

Skin exfoliation

  • The sulfur soap is indicated for exfoliating the skin, removing dead cells.
  • Decreases greasiness of face skin
  • Decreases the oiliness of the skin on the face, preventing and fighting acne.
  • Decreases inflammation
  • The main role of the soap is to reduce the oiliness of the skin.




8 frequently asked questions about sulfur soap

We see a lot of information about the product on the Internet, but it is important to know which one is true or not, which can generate several doubts.

1. Does the sulfur soap lighten the skin?
Pathophysiology does not confirm this property of him. The soap only exfoliates the place, it does not lighten.

Although many sites and forums say otherwise on the Internet, sulfur does not contribute to skin lightening.

2. Is sulfur soap good for folliculitis?
It helps to fight folliculitis, because folliculitis is an inflammation and sulfur has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

3. Sulfur soap removes melasma?
The soap does not lighten skin stains. The treatment of melasma should be done with the accompaniment of a doctor and products indicated by him.

4. Does sulfur soap cure ringworm?
The soap has a poor effect on fungi. It acts more efficiently against bacteria. Therefore, sulfur does not fight ringworm.

5. Can sulfur soap be used to treat white cloth?
The white cloth is a type of fungus, so the soap does not act directly on the treatment, but it helps. In addition to other products indicated by the dermatologist, the sulfur soap balances the changes in the bacterial flora of the skin.

6. What are the main risks of using sulfur soap?

There are no great risks in using the soap. It can cause irritation or dry skin. It is also important to know if there is any allergy to the mineral.

Before starting to use any skin product, it is important to have the indication of a professional so that there are no side effects.

7. Can the sulfur soap be used on children?
It is not suitable for children, as sulfur changes the bacterial flora of the skin. And in the infant phase, it is very important for protection.

8. What extra care?
As the soap leaves the skin more dry than normal, as it reduces oiliness, it is important to always keep it hydrated.

These are the main doubts on the subject. It is important to be attentive to the information that is given on the Internet and to consult your doctor for more information about the product.

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