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Short Diabetic Socks - Relaxsan


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Unisex cotton socks with Crabyon fiber for diabetic foot and sensitive feet, no compression and no seams. Crabyon fiber, thanks to the natural and .. See More

Unisex cotton socks with Crabyon fiber for diabetic foot and sensitive feet, no compression and no seams.

Crabyon fiber, thanks to the natural and beneficial properties of chitin, provides a protective and regenerating action that keeps the foot in a healthy and safe environment.

Anatomically reinforced heel and toe for a perfect fit and long-lasting durability.

RelaxSan has developed socks with exceptional properties for those who suffer from diabetes, arthritis, athlete's foot, or just for those with delicate and sensitive feet.

RelaxSan Diabetic Socks are also recommended for anyone who, not suffering from any particular problem, wishes to have their feet always clean and healthy, thanks to their characteristics that guarantee a beneficial environment and exceptional comfort.

Available in three different lengths.

  • Detail: without seams
  • Antibacterial function: The antibacterial function of this fiber remains unchanged until the product is destroyed.
  • Recommended for sensitive and weak skin: Crabyon helps prevent skin dehydration because its ability to maintain moisture level is greater than any other cellulose fiber. At the same time, it has a velvety layer and does not irritate the skin.
  • Activation of natural responses: Chitin, which constitutes the Crabyon molecule with cellulose, has been known and used for a long time for the treatment of dermatitis and wounds and as an adjuvant substance in tissue regeneration and as an anti-hemorrhagic.
  • Biodegradable: Crabyon fiber is fully biodegradable and, in this sense, does not cause damage to the environment.
  • 100% Natural: For allergic problem. Safe, non-toxic. Contains no chemicals or pesticide residues.
  • Antimicrobial: Combats bacteria that cause odors and eliminates fungi, responsible for athlete's foot.
  • Thermodynamic: Thanks to its thermal conductivity.
  • Antistatic: Based on its high electrical conduction capacity.
  • Anti-odor: Neutralize ammonia and denatured proteins - two main causes of odor.

Black color


Composition: 66% Cotton, 17% Viscose / Crabyon, 11% Polyamide, 6% Elastane.


Sizes (some sizes on request)

SIZE TABLE 1 - XS 2 - S 3 - M 4 - L 5 - XL 6 - XXL
Shoe size 35 - 37 37 - 39 39 - 41 41 - 43 43 - 45 45 - 47
Foot size cm 21.7 - 23.7 23 - 25 24.4 - 26.4 25.7 - 27.7 27 - 29 28.4 - 30.4


 Note: It is recommended that you take measurements in the morning, especially in the ankle area.

The ankle area that you should measure is above the malleolus bone, in the narrowest area. See illustrative image below.

​ medicao acima do maleolo




Make sure that the garment adheres perfectly to the foot with no folds present. For proper sizing please refer to the size chart.



This product is not recommended for individuals suffering from dermatosis with secretions.




CO Cotton
EA Elastane
ME Metallic (Silver)
PA Nylon
VI Viscose / Crabyon








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