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Real Moss Soap - 160g


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  • Brand: Ach Brito
  • Product Code: MM-SM160
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The fragrance combines the essences of vetiver and eucalyptus herbs with the vigorous patchouli accent. Weight: 160g Size (L X W X H): 9 ×.. See More

The fragrance combines the essences of vetiver and eucalyptus herbs with the vigorous patchouli accent.

Weight: 160g

Size (L X W X H): 9 × 6 × 3 cm



  • With antiseptic action, it is an ideal soap for men to use after shaving.
  • It is the ideal soap for daily skin care.

This soap is environmentally friendly, contains a vegetable soap base and is traditionally produced in Portugal.

With a smooth texture, clean and perfumes the skin at the same time.

Suitable for all skin types.

It is part of the Musgo line, a trademark registered in 1936.



Created in 1936 for the more affluent social classes, soap Moss is easily identified by the crown that symbolizes the Portuguese aristocracy and offers a distinct masculine fragrance.
Produced on the basis of vegetable soap, the soap Moss leaves the skin clean, smooth and lightly scented.
Ideal for male skin care.





Additional information


A little of history...

It is a soap aimed at men having been developed for the Portuguese aristocracy. Widely used to wash your face after shaving.

Curiosities about the production of Ach soaps. Brito:


Mixing of ingredients

This is the first stage of production where all the ingredients that make up the soap are mixed (soap dough, perfumes, essential oils, among others).



Rolling is the second step and ensures the homogenization of the ingredients, ensuring a perfect wrapping and mixing of all the ingredients.



In the extrusion, air is removed from the soap dough, so that the soaps are solid and more durable. And finally the dough is compacted into a long bar of soap.


Cutting and minting

Then the bar of soap is cut to the size of the soap being produced and finally the small blocks of soap are minted, one by one.


Quality control

During and after the minting process, the soaps are individually checked by a qualified technician, to ensure that only the soaps in perfect condition proceed to the final stage, the packaging.



In the packaging, the soaps are checked again and, if they fulfill the requirements, they are individually wrapped, following a slow and delicate process, which requires technical precision and a lot of love.

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