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Soft Acetone – 60ml


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This soft acetone is specially used to remove nail polish easily whithout damaging your nails, due to the glycerine action. Quantity: 60m.. See More

This soft acetone is specially used to remove nail polish easily whithout damaging your nails, due to the glycerine action.

Quantity: 60ml



Additional information


1 - Nail polish and acetone remover are the same

MYTH. Although they have the same function, which is to remove the enamels, the acetone and the remover are different! Acetone is a very potent solvent and removes enamel faster, but its solution has no moisturizing components and can leave nails dry. The nail polish remover is a mixture of oils, vitamins and other moisturizing ingredients with a very small amount of acetone, but it is enough to remove any type of nail polish.

2 - Acetone weakens nails and dries out cuticles
Acetone does not weaken nails. What happens is that it contains substances that can cause dryness and opacity in the nail and also the skin around the fingers, so if the area does not receive constant hydration with specific creams, they can, instead, become weaker and brittle .


3 - Do you need to rub your nails a lot with remover?
Although acetone "melts" the enamel much faster, nowadays it is not necessary to rub the tips of the fingers with a remover until the enamel is removed. The amount of acetone in the removers is sufficient to remove it in a healthy way. A trick to speed up the removal is to moisten a piece of cotton with the product and leave it on the nails for a few seconds. Then, just drag to the tip.


4 - Does acetone make your nails whiten?
Acetone leaves the nails more dry and one of the damages of this dryness is the whitish aspect on the nail surface - mainly on the most sensitive or naturally brittle ones. The tip, in this case, is to always moisturize your nails and cuticles, take a break for a few days without nail polish and choose the remover the next time you do your nails.
 Unlike acetone, the nail polish remover contains oils and other substances that moisturize the skin, and some of them are also hypoallergenic. In this way, they remove the enamel while moisturizing the skin around the nails, also avoiding the whitish aspect of their surface.

6 - It is not recommended to use acetone to remove the enamel from artificial nails
Artificial acrylic nails are like sensitive nails, and as the solvent power of acetone is greater, they can damage faster. In fiber nails, for example, which are as if they were made of glass, acetone does not damage as much, but even so, it is recommended to choose the remover so that they do not become opaque or cause allergy.




Chemistry experiment with acetone.



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