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This Christmas, take care, pamper, distribute love!



Christmas is a time we want to be close. Being physically close or in the form of a loving memory or showing concern for the well-being and health of your loved ones. 


Offer health and well-being this Christmas!


We have selected, for you and for those who want to give a special gift, a set of Christmas gift suggestions, suitable for these contingencies in which we live: we increasingly value our health and well-being.


For the father, the grandfather, our most-than-everything, or that special man for any other reason, we suggest five packs:



Beard Care Pack



Fragrance Pack For Men

Coffret Couto Nº 3 - Portuguese Tiles

Coffret Couto Nº 10 - The World of the Beard

Lavender cologne


For that cuddly baby who is about to be born or has already been born, and for the mom who loves him, we have a selection of varied gifts that provide for the baby's well-being! Baby gifts are to die for! 

Miminho Pack

Coziness Pack

Sleep Diffusion Pack

Gift Box WaterWipes

Coffret Skincare Essentials Bambo Nature

For the mother, the daughter, the grandmother, the special co-worker, the friend, that person who helped us so much that we can't even say thanks. For a woman who deserves a little treat sprinkled with affection!

Lusitanian Symbols Soap Box

Muse Handmade Pack

Confidence Fruit Soaps Pack (Strawberry, Lime and Passion Fruit)

Magnolia Cologne

Brand Products Ach. Brito

Pack Love

Coffret Couto Nº 1 - Vintage

Affection Pack

Tenderness Pack

Abidis brand products (aesthetics)


And finally, for the sportsman in the family, for a friend or a fitness-fan friend, we have two pack suggestions. But for those sports fans, you can find many other options in the sports and physiotherapy category.

Sports Recovery Pack

Fit Pack



All that remains is for us to wish a Christmas full of love, health, and inner peace!





Catarina Vilela and the entire Mipmed team!



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