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Trigger Point


Trigger Point

Handheld Massage Ball


The TriggerPoint portable massage ball provides easy self-massage and pain relief on the go. Compact size makes the portable massage ball conveniently..


Trigger Point

MB1 Massage Ball


The MB1® Massage Ball provides direct deep tissue compression for quick relief from muscle pain and fatigue in small areas. It can be used on any ..


Trigger Point

STICK Target Massage Bar


The STK Target is a travel-friendly, targeted deep tissue massage bar with 8 independently spinning wheels that grip the skin while rolling for a more..


Trigger Point

The Grid Foam Roller - 33cm x 13.5cm


The TriggerPoint Grid foam roller was developed to use high density EVA foam in an exclusive Grid pattern to provide optimal compression for a total b..


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TriggerPoint is a life-enhancing brand focused on empowering people to move and feel better. We design and develop innovative massage therapy tools that mimic the touch of a therapist’s hands, so people of all ages, sizes, and athletic ability can feel their best wherever they are. Guided by a passion for improving personal wellness, TriggerPoint has successfully become one of the leaders in at-home massage tools in the athletic, healthcare, and personal wellness markets.


We believe that by incorporating performance therapy into a daily routine, everyone can enhance their performance, speed up recovery time, and prevent injuries. We develop an assortment of therapeutic massage tools like anatomy-specific foam rollers, deep-tissue penetrating cold rollers, massage balls, and therapy guidebooks.

Add TriggerPoint into your daily routine and unlock your body’s inner strength.



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