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Ultimate Implant


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Ultimate Implant Bone Platform Switching • The particular morphology of the collar (Reverse Conical Neck - RCN) increases the implant contact.. See More

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Ultimate Implant

Bone Platform Switching
• The particular morphology of the collar (Reverse Conical Neck - RCN) increases the implant contact surface area with the bone and preserves a greater proportion of bone and periosteum.
• The taper and concavity of the collar guarantee a gentle contact and reduced stress on the crestal cortical bone preventing undesired vascular compression.
• By inserting an UltimateTM implant, 5.57 mm3 of bone will be saved as compared to a non RCN implant.
• The Reverse Conical Neck provides greater implant stability and better distribution of the stress to bone implant interface.

Micro Thread
• Placing micro-threads on the implant neck greatly increases the ability of an implant to resist axial loads, and the mechanical stimulus provided by the micro-threads helps to preserve the peri-implant marginal bone.
• The UltimateTM micro-threads exercise appropriate biomechanical stimulation of cortical bone, stimulate the tropism and enhance the speed and quality of osseointegration.

Helical Apico-coronal Slots
• Makes the implant self tapping and reduces resistance to bone insertion.
• Allows the recovery of medullary bone fragments mixed with growth factors enriched blood.


Implant Profile
• The truncated-cone profile reproduces root-form morphology of the tooth root and offers significant advantages in many critical situations.
• Platform Switching - The prosthetic connection leaves constant horizontal progressive space for the biological width, limits bone resorption, stabilizes the soft tissue and ensures excellent papillary aesthetics.
• The modular convergent tapered coronal portion of the implant offers greater flexibility to implant placement.
• Al2O3 surface blasting and high purity double acid etching cleaning procedures attain superior SEM and XPS results.

Progressive Thread
• The thread with the concave profile has an apical-coronal incremental thickness DSST (Double Stressless Sharp Thread) which together with a descending concave profile between the threads, generates a gentle
and progressive vertical and horizontal bone compaction.

Cutting Apex Edge
• Provides self drilling and self tapping capacity to the implant.

Offers the possibility of optimizing implant insertion angulation.

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