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Cannabix Cream CBD - 60ml


Cannabix CBD cream is a topical cream that, thanks to its comforting and moisturizing effect, gives a feeling of well-being to the skin.   ..


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Uriach Portugal
Uriach Portugal occupies a prominent position as a leading company in the food supplement market, a place that can only be reached with the confidence and ambition to always do better.

Uriach Portugal belongs to the Uriach group, the health and wellness company active in more than 70 countries and which, despite its size, continues to have a family structure committed to innovation and sustainability.

For more than 180 years, the spirit that today is at the base of our principles, led to the creation of a business that would grow and become the Uriach of today, which the world knows.

We have an important challenge ahead of us that we take on with pride and enthusiasm. At Uriach, the purposes are collective and result from the union between inheritance and project. We are history and the past, and we are also the future and innovation, the capacity to transform and open new paths.


Our Mission: Your Health.
To improve the Health, quality of life and well-being of people all over the world, through products and services that always maintain the quality and ethics that we traditionally guarantee.



We share the same vision
To be a world reference in the area of ??Health and quality of life for people through progress, sustainability and a socially responsible attitude.




A model of management and leadership
We believe in leadership exercised by all our executives and managers who must inspire and generate enthusiasm, confidence and enhance the talent of our employees. Because we are convinced that the results are achieved through people and that they have infinite talent and capacity that, through commitment, passion for work and for our common project, reach unexpected levels. This leadership builds a high performance environment balancing two plans, as if it were a computer system: hardware (vision, plans, objectives and very clear ideas, rigor, discipline, action, monitoring based on indicators, facts and figures, demand and responsibility ...) and software (development, motivation, enthusiasm, passion and personal commitment). One of these plans without the other is incomplete and the sum of both has the best results. Our management and leadership model is based on 5 basic components:


1. Have a purpose

We have a vision and a clear strategy, very ambitious, attractive, that gives meaning to our work, that challenges and mobilizes us, with priorities and focus on our daily work, that makes us dream and unite around a common project of which we are protagonists.


2. Have the best attitude

We all know and understand the common project, feeling close and making it our own, we feel motivated and deeply committed to doing our best. We want to work in this company that makes us feel proud, "wear the shirt", which we trust because they trust us, and which is both serious, responsible, fun and exciting.


3. Have attitude

We have the human, technical and financial resources necessary for our plans to become a reality. We constantly develop the talent of our employees to have the best person in each position, with the necessary knowledge, experience and skills. We trust people and transmit the information, means and autonomy necessary to contribute to the development that makes them as competent as possible.


4. Have results

We have ambition and discipline, rigor and all the necessary mechanisms (structure, organization, processes, systems ...) to transform our dreams into tangible and quick results. We are very demanding, we ask that each employee exercise their responsibility and contribute to these results. Because we take our commitments to our customers and shareholders very seriously and do everything necessary to ensure that they are fulfilled. We like to win, playing according to the rules and our values.


5. Have a good reference

We have a strong and competent team of leaders who respect and are respected, with integrity, with a total team spirit, which practices our values ??as well as everything that is asked of all employees. This team is an engine of positive energy, optimism, enthusiasm and passion for the project and the company.