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Water Cleaning Barral BabyProtect - 1000ml


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  • Brand: Barral
  • Product Code: MM-ALBB1000
  • In stock

​ Cleaning Water has an ultra-delicate cleansing base enriched with plant-based ingredients. When changing diapers, on a daily basis, whenever nec.. See More

Cleaning Water has an ultra-delicate cleansing base enriched with plant-based ingredients.

When changing diapers, on a daily basis, whenever necessary.

It helps to hydrate the perioral area, protecting the baby from the aggression of pacifiers and normal drool.

Economical packaging.

  • Gently cleans and hydrates the skin of newborns and babies, eliminating impurities from the face and body
  • With ingredients of vegetable origin and an ultra delicate base
  • Helps to rebalance skin flora and protect the skin barrier from environmental aggression


Therapeutic indication

  • Body.
  • Ideal for the area affected by cradle cap and perioral area - irritation caused by pacifiers


  • No need to rinse
  • Area affected by cradle cap
  • perioral zone
  • Rebalance the skin flora
  • Respect the tear pH
  • does not burn in the eyes
  • No parabens or glycols
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Tested under dermatological, pediatric and ophthalmological control


  • Apply with a cotton pad or compress directly on the areas to be cleaned.
  • No rinsing required.



Biolin® Prebiotic, Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract, Linum Extract

Main Ingredients
With Biolin, a dermatological prebiotic



  • Width: 9.0cm
  • Height: 23.0cm
  • Depth: 9.0cm



Additional information

Although babies have soft, smooth skin, it's immature skin and therefore they don't have the ability to maintain moisture like an adult. To ensure healthy and hydrated skin, care should be taken with the skin on a daily basis. It is essential to use mild products, which do not harm the fragile and delicate skin of the baby or newborn, capable of restoring hydration even during hygiene and which reinforce the protection of the skin.

It all starts with cleaning: use Barral BabyProtect Cleaning Water to clean and protect the skin barrier from environmental damage.

A hypoallergenic shower gel without hyperbens and glycols should always be used, as they contribute to the rebalancing of the skin flora and to the protection of the skin barrier.

You should also opt for a shampoo that helps to remove cradle cap by moisturizing the scalp.

After showering, the skin should be cleaned very gently, without rubbing.

Keep baby's skin well hydrated with Barral BabyProtect Moisturizing Cream or Barral BabyProtect Atopic Skin Moisturizing Cream, gently massaging to help the cream absorb while promoting baby's relaxation.

Clothing also plays a key role for the skin: fabrics should be soft, easy to wear and not too tight. Since the baby's skin does not have all the mechanisms for regulating body temperature well developed, clothing must be chosen with care, always suitable for the temperature.


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