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Waterproof Reusable Gown - 25 washes


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  • Brand: RESS
  • Product Code: MM-BRIR
  • In stock

Reusable waterproof coat from RESS in white color, with elastic cuff and sent individually. White fabric, soft and light fabric. Characteristics.. See More

Reusable waterproof coat from RESS in white color, with elastic cuff and sent individually.

White fabric, soft and light fabric.


- Adjustable, with straps, on neck and back
- White color smock
- Unique size
- Soft

Normative: In accordance with the provisions of the following European Directives and Regulations: Medical Devices Directive 93/42 / EEC and Regulation (EU) 2017/745, Regulation of Personal Protective Equipment (EU) 2016/425. Complies with the provisions of the following harmonized standards: EN811, EN 14971


Instructions for use

  1. Hand hygiene, with soap and water or an alcohol-based solution, before putting on the gown.
  2. Placing the gown with the inner side facing the body, and the outer face facing outward.
  3. Adjust the gown to the body, taking into account the coverage of the limbs, upper and lower, and the proper adjustment at the ends, closing all adjustment systems.
  4. The gown must be removed so as not to touch the body by turning the gown inside out.
  5. The gown must be disposed of in a suitable hospital waste container.
  6. New hand hygiene must be performed at the end of the use and handling of the gown.




Additional information

There are several types of gowns, aprons and uniforms, which are used by healthcare professionals to provide them with a protective barrier and reduce opportunities for the transmission of microorganisms in healthcare services, thus preventing contamination of healthcare workers' clothes and exposure from your skin to organic matter, as well as protecting patients from nosocomial infections. However, the inappropriate use of gowns, aprons and uniforms by health professionals can make these garments a potential vehicle for the transmission of microorganisms.

The health professional must make a correct use of the gown as PPE, for that there are a series of precautions that must be taken, here are two of them that we consider general and important.

  • Remove the gown whenever you leave the service for socializing places (eg bars, pantries, etc.), to avoid that the gown is a vehicle for the transmission of microorganisms, being an orientation of the World Health Organization (WHO), that the use da Bata (or uniform used in health services) is restricted to the workplace.
  • You should not use accessories, other than the essential ones (nameplates and dosimeter) applied to your gown, to prevent these accessories from being a vehicle for transmitting microorganisms.

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