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Zig-Zag Cotton


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Tamanho - 100g 100% pure hydrophilic cotton.     7 ways you can use cotton Or cotton is much more versatile than you can .. See More

Tamanho - 100g

100% pure hydrophilic cotton.



7 ways you can use cotton

Or cotton is much more versatile than you can imagine! In addition to two common uses, such as removing enamel and maquiagem, it also makes your life easier at faxing time. Give to finish as a banheiro or disgusting odor of geladeira, exterminate plants, perfume your comforts at home ... Check out other tips from the specialist in domestic organization Maria Eugênia Cerqueira and take advantage!

1 - Mau cheiro no refrigerator

Moisten a piece of cotton with the essence of baunilha and place inside a flake (of coffee, for example). Deixe did not fund a prateleira or an appliance carrier.


2 - Eliminate o mofo da casa de banho

In all the songs of the WC it may appear mofo.

Mergulhar cotton balls in lexívia, scavenge the places where it appears generally or mofo and deixar to tune for some hours. Depois, lave or local com água morna.


3 - Keep your books

O produto also helps keep you free bolor isents. Dampen small pieces of cotton with terebenthine (ink solvent) and backs. Troque of two to two months.


4 - Preserve or garden

Back garden hair plastic flakes with cotton soaked in white vinegar.

In glasses, deixe or cotton on the ground. O cheio forte do tempero scares pragas.


5 - Protect as luvas from drunk

During the cleanings, place pieces of cotton on the inside, so that you will not have direct contact with them and tear them off.


6 - Remove two moveis cigar marks

Scrub the burned area with a cotton ball and a small piece of maionese.

Remove or excess with a clean cloth.


7 - Perfume all at home

Molhar a piece of cotton with perfume or intended essence and place no vacuum cleaner bag.

As the heat of the electrical appliance linked, the fragrance will be released as soon as it inhales. Tudo fica cheiroso! Karla Precious

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